The Cross Plattform DWT

BCS ao at
Tue Jan 22 20:29:19 PST 2008

Reply to John,

> John Reimer wrote:
>> At this point, since there is nothing working to "get", I don't think
>> we'll provide a tarball of any sort.  But perhaps once things start
>> building properly, we should consider making releases available in an
>> alternative package.  This makes sense.  We'll need some storage
>> options that, at this point, I don't think mercurial provides, but
>> perhaps the Trac system does. I'll have to investigate the options.
> Let me just clarify here... I'm referring to the dwt-win project
> (since I know that dwt-linux is working right now).  Either way, we
> should investigate a way of packaging working releases, eventually.
> -JJR

is there a linux tar-ball?

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