dwtx\dwtxhelper\BreakIterator.d not exists

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at billbaxter.com
Wed Jul 9 14:13:32 PDT 2008

torhu wrote:
> yidabu wrote:
>> The warnings seems not cause any problems.
>>  if set oneatatime=yes, the executable will be larger.
> I seem to remember it's the other way around.  oneatatime=yes when 
> building the library makes the executable smaller, because it reduces 
> interdependencies between object files.  So fewer object files will be 
> linked into the final executable in many cases.

Yeh, now that you mention it, that's what I recall too.  The down side 
is just that it can take half an hour to build dwt on a slow computer 
with that.


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