latest dwt samples with dmd snapshot 0.6.2: link errors

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at
Sun Jul 13 10:14:40 PDT 2008

Digited schrieb:
> Frank Benoit пишет:
>> Digited schrieb:
>>> I get "Object.Exception: access violation" at launch of text editor 
>>> sample, custom control sample and while pressing any boxes/checkers 
>>> in control sample...
>> Do you use a compiler known to work?
> Yes, 1.031 from dmd snapshot 0.6.2 - my projects compile and run 
> successfully.
> I also have a problem that dsss build "fall asleep" during build 
> process, every time at different sample. Maybe it's Vista's DEP, I'll 
> check it now.

Hm, yesterday in IRC a user called "krishna" had exactly the same 
problem on Vista too.
If I "see" him again, i will try to find out what was the exact solution.

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