latest dwt samples with dmd snapshot 0.6.2: link errors

Chris R. Miller lordSaurontheGreat at
Tue Jul 15 12:34:45 PDT 2008

Digited wrote:
> I try to build latest dwt samples from source with installed dmd
> snapshot 0.6.2 and DMC (for optlink): compiling is ok, but linking
> fails: symbol undefined: _IsHungAppWindow and _GetSystemDefaultUILanguage.
> What to do?

Chances are that it's linking against a duplicate library from DMC, 
which is older than the library that DWT needs to link against.  Take 
the contents from dwt\lib from the DWT trunk directory from Hg and 
overwrite everything in DMC's lib\ directory.  It's a quick and dirty 
fix, but it works.

I see you found a work around by passing the libdir to DSSS directly.  I 
suppose that works too, though I get a little antsy when different 
library sets are fighting for control of the linker.

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