building changeset271 and 3.4-1 error

Chris R. Miller lordSaurontheGreat at
Tue Jul 29 13:35:02 PDT 2008

dolive wrote:
> useing tango-0.99.7-bin-win32-dmd.1.033 and dsss 0.75 building changeset271 and 3.4-1 error:
> ..........
> ...\Widget.d -oflibDD-dwt.a
> dwt\dwthelper\System.d(8): module Exception cannot read file 'tango\core\Exception.d'
> Command D:\D\dsss\bin\rebuild.exe returned with code 1, aborting.
> Error: Command failed, aborting.
> haven't 'tango\core\Exception.d' file,but have 'tango\core\Exception.di'file.

Check that your sc.ini were updated, as well as you should check that 
DSSS' profile was changed to dmd-win-tango.

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