dwt on windows

sleek cslush at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 18:38:15 PDT 2008

Thanks! That definitely worked. I didn't have dwt-samples installed, so I 
had no idea where the dwt.res file was coming from. It builds and runs fine 

"Frank Benoit" <keinfarbton at googlemail.com> wrote in message 
news:g6ofg4$oc0$1 at digitalmars.com...
> sleek schrieb:
>> I have written a very simple dwt app, but cannot get it to run properly 
>> in windows. Below is what I'm trying to do:
>> Craig at DESKTOP:C:\Documents and Settings\Craig\Desktop> dsss build -full 
>> hifi.d
>> This builds without issue, but when I run the executable, a console opens 
>> up with the following text:
>> CreateActCtx failed, hence theme support will not be available
>> Please check for:
>>  - missing link option -L/su:windows:5 or -L/su:console:5
>>  - missing link option -L/rc:dwt
>>  - resource file 'dwt.res' was not accessible by linker
>> : The specified image file did not contain a resource section.
>> Based on the message above, I tried the following build command:
>> Craig at DESKTOP:C:\Documents and Settings\Craig\Desktop> dsss 
>> build -full -L/su:windows:5 hifi.d
>> When I run the executable from the command prompt, the warning does not 
>> appear and the program runs with a window being displayed. However, if I 
>> try and double click the executable from my desktop, no window opens up.
>> Can anyone tell me what the proper build command is so that I can run 
>> this like a normal windows application? I have attached the simple code 
>> I'm trying to run.
> Like the message suggest
> copy the file dwt.res from the dwt-samples to your build directory
> build -full -L/su:windows:5 -L/rc:dwt hifi.d
> This works for me with your examples. 

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