building changeset271 and 3.4-1 error thanks

dolive dolive89 at
Tue Jul 29 19:46:50 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit дµ½:

> dolive schrieb:
> > Frank Benoit дµ½:
> > 
> > system path=;d:\d\dmd\bin;D:\D\dmd\lib;D:\D\tango\tango\lib;D:\D\tango\tango\bin;D:\D\tango\tango\import;D:\D\dsss\bin;D:\D\dwt-win
> The path shows you have another dmd in this directory and as the first 
> in your path. the install guide uses the dmd which is in d:\d\tango\bin, 
> that one should also be configured ok.

thank you every much, delete  another dmd path is ok, 271 and 3.4.1 both compile 13 minute

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