HelloWorld5 test

dolive dolive89 at sian.com
Thu Jul 31 09:10:04 PDT 2008

I copy dwt-samples\examples HelloWorld5.d  to other path, dsss build error:

 D:\D\prj\d_722>dsss build
Hello.d => Hello
+ D:\D\dsss\bin\rebuild.exe -Idsss_imports\ -I. -S.\ -ID:\D\dsss\include\d -SD:\
D\dsss\lib\  -ID:\D\dsss\include\d -SD:\D\dsss\lib  -oqdsss_objs\D -g -gc -JD:\D
 \dsss\lib/res -J../res -I.. -L/SUBSYSTEM:console:5 -L/rc:..\dwt Hello.d -ofHello

 OPTLINK (R) for Win32  Release 8.00.1
 Copyright (C) Digital Mars 1989-2004  All rights reserved.
  Warning 2: File Not Found ..\dwt.res

 but hello.exe is builded and run correct , why Warning ?
 I copy dsss.conf(edited) and  dwt.res to this path.

 thanks !

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