strange debug menu crash

Simen Haugen simen at
Fri Jun 6 03:44:16 PDT 2008

"Frank Benoit" <keinfarbton at> wrote in message 
news:g2947u$1hoa$1 at
> Simen, thanks for reporting this
> What is the best way for me to reproduce it?
> Did you build/use the dwt as a static lib? Build with what options? Or did 
> you build with dwt just added to the include path?
> dsss build test.d -debug -full
> Can I use an existing example? can it be reproduces programatically?

No static lib. Built with -full -g -debug. I'll now try to use it as a 
static lib instead to see if that helps.

I catch MenuDetect in a tree, and call a function that removes the old menu 
and constructs a new one. Quite simple stuff.

I haven't found a way to reproduce it unfortunaly. It works at least 99% of 
the time, and I cant see any logic in the crashes. It could be a very rare 
combination of some sort, but I'll add more debugging info in the upcoming 
weeks, and perhaps then I can find out how it happens.

Sorry I cant be of much help. I have only just begun looking at dwt.

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