RSWT [SWT on top of RMI]

Yigal Chripun yigal100 at
Sun Jun 8 03:05:26 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> Yigal Chripun schrieb:
>> I've stumbled upon the following:
>> This is a port of SWT to run on top of RMI. The idea is that you use the
>> same SWT API only you can put your GUI on a different machine than the
>> application logic. the GUI will be be run natively on the client machine
>> via the native SWT libs. There are only two objects that manage this
>> connection and everything else remains the same.
>> My question is how much work would it take to port this functionality to
>> DWT? Does it require to also port the RMI APIs or is there a simpler way?
> The link above is not working for me. Is the project still alive?
> On the latest changes are from 2003.

try this:

there is only one version circa 2003.

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