RSWT [SWT on top of RMI]

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at
Sun Jun 8 06:28:14 PDT 2008

Yigal Chripun schrieb:
> I want the ability to have a native GUI client connect to a server that
> provides a service (Wweb browser, mail, Gmail, etc). basically all those
> "web applications" like Gmail could be replaced by this.
> I see it as a very powerful feature, especially given that in D it would
> be trivial to use (No JVM you need to worry about, just run you exe
> file) I think that that kind of a concept is avoided in Java mainly due
> to the complexity of deployment. if you add something like MS's
> clickOnce or Sun's Java Web Start to the mix, you'll got yourself a
> winner. it'll be better than Adobe's AIR since it's native, and the
> right click works!
> this could be the thing that puts D on the map, like ruby on rails did
> for Ruby.
> We do not need to create a full featured RMI like API for this, but
> rather use Tango's IO.

Do i get your idea right? ...

The user gets a binary (.exe) to download, which contains e.g. a DWT 

After starting it, this application can contact a service from a remote 
server. After the connection is established, the remote service can use 
the local DWT as GUI Frontend.

The remote service is also a D application.

OK, that sound interesting. But DWT is here only a nice showcase, not 
part of technologie, right?

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