what time to consider update to d2.0

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at billbaxter.com
Sun Jun 29 15:12:32 PDT 2008

Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:
> Frank Benoit wrote:
>> Bill Baxter schrieb:
>>> dolive wrote:
>>>> what time to consider update to d2.0 £¿
>>> There needs to be a somewhat official version of Tango for D2.0 first I
>>> would think.
>>> --bb
>> Yes.
>> At the moment there is not even an unofficial version. The branch I once
>> started was never used and is meanwhile out of date. I repeat asking
>> Kris about plans on D2, but it seems there is currently none.
>> so, don't count on such an update in the near time.
> With so many interested in this topic, it should be possible for a few to go
> together to update that branch. But as it is, there seems to be no pressing
> need to update to 2.0 - there aren't any exciting news there.

The enhanced IFTI in 2.0 is exciting news to me.  And Walter seems to 
have settled on a decision of "won't backport". 

Template constraints look to be quite a nice feature too.

__traits looks pretty convenient for some things as well, even if they 
look completely hackish.

I see basically zero inclination from Walter these days to make major 
changes to the const system, despite herculean efforts by some on the NG 
to convince him it needs changing.  So I think const is gonna stay 
pretty much the way it is, like it or not.  Walter doesn't want to have 
to do a major overhaul of Phobos again any more than Tango devs would 
like to do the same for Tango.


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