dwt type=sourcelibrary

John Reimer terminal.node at gmail.com
Sun May 4 07:17:12 PDT 2008

On Sun, 04 May 2008 00:00:14 +0000, John Reimer wrote:

> Maybe it would be best to keep it simple and encourage people to just
> use -I as you do.  It seems that taking more steps to use type=lib or
> type=sourcelib is one of complicated, error-prone or problematic
> (because both require pre-build and install phases; this may further
> require a uninstall phase if dwt users have had a previous version of
> dwt active with dsss; dsss' lack of versioning makes this even more of a
> problem).
> Oh... and has anybody tried using bud with dwt recently? What kind of
> speed difference is there (between bud and dsss).  I recall bobef gave
> this a shot earlier.
> We should also give Tango's "jake" a try as well. :)
> -JJR

Small correction: type=sourcelib isn't necessarily complicated nor does 
it use a pre-build, but does require a dsss install phase.  Like you say 
Frank, it may just be easier to use the -I flag for now.  But, my 
original point was that if dsss gets an efficiency and speed increase 
with it's next update, then we may be able to move back to lib or 
sourcelib types.  Software/Library version control would also be a good 
addition to dsss.


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