DWT event handling

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at googlemail.com
Sun May 18 04:13:03 PDT 2008

bobef schrieb:
> void handleTextEvent (Event e, Composite composite, TreeItem item, TreeEditor editor,Text text, int inset ) 
> This is longer to write than new class {blah blah} :)

No, the additional arguments make the delegate a closure. If you would 
write that as a anonymous class it would look like that:

In Java final vars are accessible for the anonymous class after the 
surrounding method ends:

final Text text = ...
final TreeEditor editor = ...

Listener l = new Listener {
     public void handleEvent( Event e ){
         // use text, editor as you want

In D1, this would create crashes. The workaround is, to create explicit 
member variable in the anonymous class. This is really ugly and very 
tedious and error-prone.

Listener l = new class( composite, item, editor, text, inset ) Listener {
     Composite composite_;
     TreeEditor editor_;
     Text text_;
     int inset_;
     public this( Composite a, TreeItem b, TreeEditor c,Text d, int e ) {
         this.composite_ = a;
         this.editor_ = b;
         this.text_ = d;
         this.inset_ = e;
     public void handleEvent( Event e ){
         // use the test_, editor_ ...
         // underscore to clearly separate them from
         // the variable used in the surounding method

Now you see what is the advantage of the dgListener?

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