Does this look right?-Addressbook Example

Ty Tower tytower at
Tue May 20 16:34:09 PDT 2008

private void openAddressBook() {
    FileDialog fileDialog = new FileDialog(shell, DWT.OPEN);
    fileDialog.setFilterExtensions(["*.adr;", "*.*"]);
        resAddressBook.getString("Book_filter_name") ~ " (*.adr)",
        resAddressBook.getString("All_filter_name") ~ " (*.*)"]);
    char[] name =;

Looking at line 305 of AddressBook.d it has "fileDialog.setFilterExtensions(["*.adr;", "*.*"]);"
with a semi-colon after adr. Is this a typo? I think the example only shows .adr files and nothing else

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