exception in ExceptionPrintStackTrace

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at billbaxter.com
Wed May 21 11:42:48 PDT 2008

This in dwt.dwthelper.utils.d:

void ExceptionPrintStackTrace( Exception e, Print!(char) print ){
     Exception exception = e;
     while( exception !is null ){
         print.formatln( "Exception in {}({}): {}", exception.file, 
exception.line, exception.msg );
             foreach( msg; exception.info ){
                 print.formatln( "trc {}", msg );
         exception = exception.next;

itself generates exceptions for me because exception.info is null.
I think maybe it's because I don't have a stacktrace patch installed for 
Tango?  In any event a check for null before trying to access 
exception.info would be nice there.


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