jface executable size down from 14 MB to 3 MB

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at googlemail.com
Fri May 23 17:55:52 PDT 2008

Long Chang schrieb:
> still too big.

3 MB is without the use of UPX... however

Who defines 'too big' ? What is the limit? What rules do you apply to 
find that number?

If you have hundreds of source files (tango+dwt+dwtx) it cannot go into 
a 250k executable.
So what is small enough for you?
And why should you use JFace if you want a mini app?
If you would use a java application that is based on JFace, you need the 
Java runtime + SWT libs + Jface libs + SWT DLLs/SOs. The compiled DWT 
binary has all the needed functionality in itself.

SWT and JFace is not optimized for small D applications. As in SWT so 
are withing JFace many internal dependencies between the classes. So 
even the little HelloWorld will contain the biggest part of SWT or JFace.

Perhaps DDL can be an option, if big parts of the code can be moved into 
external libs. But still i don't know if you would count that to the 
executable size. If you want to distribute your app as a small zip file, 
you would still need to put the libs into that zip.

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