Change fields on Enter

Tower Ty towerty at
Mon May 26 12:42:35 PDT 2008

When using a listener to listen for a press of the enter key I want to
move to the next control
SWT.TRAVERSE_TAB_NEXT is supposed to do it but the compiler gives me

DWT.di(746): Error: long has no effect in expression (16)

The detail from DWT is 
static const int TRAVERSE_TAB_NEXT  ; 
Traversal event detail field value indicating that the key which
designates that focus should be given to the next tab group was
pressed; typically, this is the TAB key (value is 1<<4). 

How do I make it move to the next field (in a tableitem -row)on
hitting the Enter key ? 
The tab key does this but I want it done by the enter key

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