running DWT with DDL

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at
Wed May 28 14:00:32 PDT 2008

There is great progress with DDL.

Tom S figured out, how to make it possible to load D classes transparently.

The problem of what to link against, is solved by having a loader 
application (Host.exe). This loades the DWT.lib and the application 
(also as a lib)

This is a proof of concept. It is not ready for practical use.

host.exe : 1.3  Mb
app.lib  : 0.16 Mb (Texteditor example)
dwt.lib  : 6.6  Mb

the host.exe can be either always the same and start the application 
passed as a commandline arg, or the host can be compiled with the 
application imported via import("app.lib").

I am looking forward to see this in a stable framework with integration 
into the D toolchain. Hopefully some day with linux support also.

Thank you Tom, for this nice demonstration


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