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sleek cslush at gmail.com
Tue Oct 14 15:28:26 PDT 2008

Threading issues have been resolved. Basically we needed to create a shell 
that parented an HWND we were provided. We tried using display.syncExec 
which worked until we attempted the Shell.win32_new ... apparantly you can't 
create a window that parents an HWND from a different thread. So instead, in 
the syncExec, we create a new normal shell, create an OleFrame that parents 
the shell. After the syncExec, we now have a shell object with a bogus hwnd. 
So what we do is a simple Windows function call:   SetParent(shell.handle, 
hwndParent). voila, problem solved. DWT is making me happy again

"sleek" <cslush at gmail.com> wrote in message 
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> Frank,
> We are having an issue right now that we can't debug. In particular, it 
> has to do with multiple IE windows opening. When a single IE window is 
> open, all works great. However, if a new one opens up, we get a crash. We 
> have log statements in the code, but none of them are even getting hit, 
> which leads us to believe that this probably is happening somewhere in the 
> DLL attach. We have trying use windbg and ddbg to track down the issue, 
> but we're at a loss here. Any ideas what we can look at to try and track 
> this thing down?
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>>> Do you have an IM
>>> account that we can chat live?
>> If there is still the need, there is IRC freenode #DWT
>> http://mibbit.com/

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