DWT package mapping?

Ary Borenszweig ary at esperanto.org.ar
Tue Oct 21 12:57:09 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> At the moment there are these mappings
> org.eclipse.swt -> dwt
> org.eclipse     -> dwtx
> Symbols:
> SWT             -> DWT
> SWTError        -> DWTError
> SWTException    -> DWTException
> ...
> But there are more candidates for the dwt project.
> com.novocode    -> ??
> com.ibm.icu     -> ??
> org.osgi        -> ??
> Where to put them?
> And the rule for renaming should be consistent and open to new packages.
> But why do renaming anyway? Is it really that hard to type? Can IDEs and
> collective imports help?
> What also is bad about the renaming, is that it must be done all over
> again. That is time consuming when preparing Java source.
> So I think... What about changing all the renaming back to the original?
> Would that work? What do you think?

I find that when porting stuff, renaming is not a good option. Take for 
instance Descent. It kept all the names of JDT unchanged, and that makes 
it very easy to add new code, make plugins work almost out of the box, etc.

When I started Descent, I thought about renaming stuff like IJavaProject 
to IDeeProject, or something similar, but I asked the PHPEclipse guys 
what did they do, since they also used JDT's code base. They replied to 
me saying that they renamed IJavaProject to IPhpProject, things like 
that, big mistake, and that they were having a bad time getting updates 
from newer JDT releases, and that I should not do the same as they did.

So my advice is to just keep the original names. Anyway, the S in SWT 
means Standard, so SWT for D is not bad. :-P

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