DWT package mapping?

Spacen Jasset spacenjasset at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Oct 23 12:30:12 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit wrote:
> At the moment there are these mappings
> org.eclipse.swt -> dwt
> org.eclipse     -> dwtx
> Symbols:
> SWT             -> DWT
> SWTError        -> DWTError
> SWTException    -> DWTException
> ...
> But there are more candidates for the dwt project.
> com.novocode    -> ??
> com.ibm.icu     -> ??
> org.osgi        -> ??
> Where to put them?
> And the rule for renaming should be consistent and open to new packages.
> But why do renaming anyway? Is it really that hard to type? Can IDEs and
> collective imports help?
> What also is bad about the renaming, is that it must be done all over
> again. That is time consuming when preparing Java source.
> So I think... What about changing all the renaming back to the original?
> Would that work? What do you think?
Keep the original names for now, I suggest. Perhaps later some aliases 
could be put in place.

I am not really afraid of longish import names, in general you only have 
to type them once at the top of the file. Contrast this with c++ where 
you have to type a long story in the middle of your code.

On the other hand you may need to reward yourself for the hard work you 
have put in on the project and so rename away and make it more 
comfortable, but I don't know how that should map exactly. Perhaps 
consider 'specificity' and how much meaning each part of the name 
contributes. Where, persuambly dwt. could always start an import 

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