What's up with DWTx?

Jesse Phillips jessekphillips at gmail.com
Fri Oct 31 19:07:53 PDT 2008

I'm trying to install the entire suite here. I got all the basics, DMD, 
Tango .99.7, DSSS, and DWT 3.4-1. I even have Derelict installed to run 
the OpenGL stuff. I am unable to get the dwt-addons to compile, 
specifically looking at JFace. (This is all of course in Linux)

I just run $ dsss build from my up-to-date HG dwt-addons directory. The 
first issue I run into is a Runnable is not a type error in JThread, 
corrected by importing dwt.dwthelper.Runnable. Then I get the error.

dwtx/jface/viewers/CustomHashtable.d(54): Error: 
dwt.dwthelper.utils.Enumeration at /usr/local/bin/../include/d/dwt/
dwthelper/utils.di(815) conflicts with 
dwtx.dwtxhelper.Collection.Enumeration at dwtx/dwtxhelper/Collection.d(52)

I'm thinking I have something in the middle of a change.

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