plan for swt 3.5

bobef bobef at
Tue Sep 2 10:44:02 PDT 2008

Frank Benoit Wrote:

> FYI, this link was posted on the dev mailing list:
> 3.5 is the next SWT revision and will be released in sommer 2009.

Few quotes from this page as well as eclipse 4 plan page:

"Investigate performance improvements on all platforms. "

"Investigate SWT in a Browser "

"    *  Declarative UI 

    * CSS stying 

    * Animation and Effects API 

"'e4' is the incubator code name for the next major version of the Eclipse platform, 4.0. Topics being investigated include declarative UIs (CSS, etc.), scripting (Javascript and others), flexible resource models, plugins implemented in other languages, and DOM driven RESTful architectures. "

I don't why these plans reminds me of what I said once :)

All of the above quotes is already in HTMLayout/Sciter.
Why am I bringing performance? Because HTMLayout is fast.

P.S. I love DWT and respect your hard work on it, but this way of doing GUI is dying. This is just MHO, of course.

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