The eclipse editor in work

BLS nanali at
Mon Sep 8 11:37:17 PDT 2008

Hallo Frank, I've just annotated your text with // xxx

Frank Benoit schrieb:
> Currently I am working on porting the component JFace.Text.
> This is the editor that eclipse uses internally.
> AFAIK the only graphical Editor available for D GUI is Scintilla. This
> one is used in DCode/Entice, Poseidon. JFace.Text will bring in a new
> Editor component, ported from Java to pure D.
> Does someone know if a comparison JFace.Text vs. Scintilla exists?
> Key Features of JFace.Text
> - Undo/Redo/find/replace  //Yes
> - Linenumbers	//Yes
> - Text templates  // Yes
> - Folding  //Yes
> - Problem+Quickfix markers with automatic update while typing // Doable
> - Hovers, Links // No... 
> - Context menu management  // Yes
> - Proposals // Don't know
> - Rules as basis for parsing the text  // Scintilla Lexer
> - Annotation of the text (put problem description or breakpoint location
> to the text) //Doable
> - Syntax highlightning  // Yes
> - Revisions of the text and difference view // Don't know, but I've never seen someting similar for Scintilla
> - ....
> The current state is that 434 of 443 files are compilable.
> So the boring stuff is done, now some manual coding is still needed to
> implement missing stuff from the java runtime environment
> (BufferedReader,StringReader,Pattern,Matchers,...) and some Java
> synchronize stuff.
Guess you will "map" BufferedReader and StringReader to ??

Do you plan to implement Pattern and Matchers around tango's regex, or 
do you plan to create something new ?
beside, having a look at the DWTxxx repo. from time to time it becomes 
more and more clear  that you will be soon pretty much prepared for 

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