Timer in DWT?

Sam Hu samhu.samhu at gmail.com
Mon Sep 8 17:41:42 PDT 2008

Hi Frank,

For example,I want to draw a line of text on the form which indicate the current date and time,very second it changes.Below is the code I tried,when I run the program,the drawn text does not change every second if I won't resize the form.I think it is the canvas.redraw method which is the problem,but I don't know which method shoud I use instead.
 Display display=new Display;
 Shell shell=new Shell(display);
 Canvas canvas=new Canvas(shell,DWT.NONE);
 canvas.addPaintListener(new class PaintListener{
    public void paintControl(PaintEvent e)
       auto layout=new Locale;
      e.gc.drawText(layout("{:ddd,dd MMMM yyyy HH':'mm':'ss z}",

display.getCurrent.timerExec( 500, dgRunnable({


Please help.Thanks.


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