The eclipse editor in work

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at
Mon Sep 8 21:51:37 PDT 2008

davidl schrieb:
> It's really awesome!!!
> It's the most exciting project ever in D I can only say!
> I can't imagine a whole eclipse in D !!! You really have spent a lot of
> effort on it!!!

Thanks. But whole eclipse is really far behind the horizont.
My vision is the eclipse rich client platform.

> From the experience I work with scintilla, it gives less feature
> compared to the Java Editor component.
> Also Java Editor is able to do some nice autocomplete(scintilla is buggy
> Miller said. Also Java Editor gives an overall more professional & more
> smooth feel. The highlighting feature , codefolding all nicer than
> scintilla. the ability of code folding in scintilla is a pain in the ass. )

I would like to see a Poseidon, implemented with new DWT and Descent.

> I'm wondering how you deal with plugin code? I've brought up an idea of
> plugin on process communication. It's a clean and portable solution.
> Also the process based plugin won't crash the whole application when a
> plugin crashes.

I also do not know yet how to deal with it. At the moment I just ignore
that as far as possible.
The plugins in eclipse use the OSGi. I thought this could perhaps be
done in D with DDL.

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