Need Help on Compiling DWT2 in XP

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at
Wed Apr 1 04:12:23 PDT 2009

Sam Hu schrieb:
> Hi ,I am going to compiling DWT2 +tango 0998+rake.I have done below steps:
> 1.Download Tango0998+DMD1.041
> 2.Download dmc from:
> Up to now the D folder is as below:
> c:\
> ----dmd\
> ----dm
> 3.Download and install ruby to C:\  from
> The version I chose is Ruby 1.8.6-one-click-installer
> Now I have C:\ruby
> 4.Install rake:
> In folder C:\ruby\bin:
>> gem install --remote rake
> Now in C:\ruby\bin I have rake.bat and rake.cmd;
> 5.Install TortoiseHg0.72 to c:\program files\  from below link:
> 6.In c:\dmd\import there are two subfolders:C:\dmd\std and c:\dmd\tango. Create a new folder c:\dmd\import\dwt2;
> 7.Right from c:\dmd\import right click mouse tortoiseHG->Clone a Respository:
> Source Path:
> Destination Path:c:\dmd\import\dwt2
> Leave the other options default.
> OK.All above have been done without any error and HG proceeded completed and successfully.
> What should I do in next step?Please guide me.Thanks.
> Regards,
> Sam


I have made changes to dwt2 to work it like the following receipt.

Download the tango release and dwt2 to

Then add dmd to the PATH
C:\Project> set PATH=%PATH%;c:\Project\tango-0.99.8-bin-win32-dmd.1.041\bin

Verify the dmd version
C:\Project> dmd
Digital Mars D Compiler v1.041

Then build the libs and snippets

C:\Project\dwt2> rake clean base swt
(in C:/Project/dwt2)
Building dwt-base
Building org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86

C:\Project\dwt2> rake swtsnippets
Building swtsnippets[Snippet10]
Building swtsnippets[Snippet107]
Building swtsnippets[Snippet108]
Building swtsnippets[Snippet109]
Building swtsnippets[Snippet111]
(Cancel with Ctrl+C)
C:\Project\dwt2> bin\SwtSnippet10.exe

To build your own application...
Add the 'imp' dir to your import search path:
Add the 'lib' dir to your library search path:
Add all needed libraries to the commandline:


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