The new DWT2

Frank Benoit keinfarbton at
Sat Mar 21 19:30:12 PDT 2009

Christopher Wright schrieb:
> It's well motivated from a development standpoint. I don't see what it
> contributes, otherwise.

there are existing naming conflicts of packages.
org.eclipse.swt => dwt
that was the start. Well then, rename all other swt to dwt also. So we have
SWTError => DWTError
SWTException => DWTException
SWTEventObject => DWTEventObject
SWTEventListener => DWTEventListener
then there are the packages from jface. Oh the first problem.
org.eclipse.jface where to map those. Ok, have all the future packages
from org.eclipse in dwtx, dwtx to be an abbreviation for org.eclipse
org.eclipse.jface => dwtx.jface
Oh, oh, now there is org.eclipse.osgi and org.osgi, now it gets a bit ugly.
You see, where this is going to?
All those renaming produce work in comparing versions and updates. A
porting project like this needs lots of comparing and merging.
It produces work for me, the developer. And I think my time is the most
valuable resource the dwt project has. And really, I see not what those
renaming contribute. Instead, when the original namings are used,
examples and snippets can be used without or less change, that is a
contribute for the user.

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