The new DWT2

Saaa empty at
Tue Mar 24 13:30:53 PDT 2009

"Frank Benoit" <keinfarbton at> wrote in message 
news:gqbdt5$12rk$1 at
> Saaa schrieb:
>>> I started with making it phobos compatible, but it is not yet completed.
>>> You are welcome to help (see "DWT2 D2+Phobos help needed").
>> Ok, I thought it would compile but just not work because it would hold 
>> loads
>> of dummy code.
>> So the first step now would be to add more dummy code until it compiles?
> To fill in the dummy code is a linear task. The compiler guides me from
> problem to problem. I don't think that can run in parallel.
> What you can do is, if you want, to fill in the phobos implementations
> in the base tree. Highest priority are places where a tango impl.
> exists, but none for phobos.

DWT is a PORT of SWT :)
Which uses D1 + tango
DWT2 will be a port of dwt using D2 + phobos.
Does this mean I should use D2 Phobos? Or should it also support D1 Phobos?

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