exe size increased with dwt2

torhu no at spam.invalid
Sun Mar 29 10:03:03 PDT 2009

On 29.03.2009 14:06, yidabu wrote:
> I tested a app (with tango 0.99.8, dmd 1.041):
> 2.25 MB with dwt-win
> 3.06 MB with dwt2
> what's causes this?

Did you build both in the same way?  I assume you know that if you build 
the library with dsss with oneatatime=yes, your executable will be 
smaller then if you use the rake script?  If I recall correctly, the 
rake script hands all files to dmd at once.

Assuming you built both the same way, there's an easy way of checking 
what's causing the size difference.  You can build your app directly 
with dsss, with oneatatime=yes.  Don't build the lib separately first, 
let dsss do it all in one operation.  Or you could try with 
oneatatime=no to speed it up, but the object file sizes won't be right then.

Do that with the same test app, using both dwt-win and dwt2.  Then you 
can compare the object files that were created.  See if there are more 
files used with dwt2, if they are bigger, etc.

Of course, you could look at the .map file created when linking with 
/detailedmap, but that's harder to figure out.  I've never bothered.

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