dwt2 exception: required u_forDigit_3_8 NUL in library icuuc38.dll

yidabu dyuyan.spam at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 16:26:08 PDT 2009

an app updated to with dwt2, get runtime exception, Invalid UTF8..., 
the app works fine with dwt-win and dwtx.

I built dwt2 debuglib today, re-compile app with debug flags, run ddbg -r app.exe,get exception on startup:

unhandled D Exception (object.Exception
 "required u_forDigit_3_8 NUL in library icuuc38.dll
KERNEL32.dll (0x7c812a5b) thread(1344)
#0 ?? () at java\mangoicu\UChar.d:1229 from KERNEL32.dll
#1 0x0084ba5b in __d_throw at 4 () at java\mangoicu\UChar.d:1229 from deh
#2 0x004703e1 in  java.mangoicu.UChar.UChar._staticCtor37 () at java\mangoicu\UChar.d:1229
#3 0x00470400 in  java.mangoicu.UChar.__modctor () at 

copy icuuc38.dll to app dir, get same exception. (the icuuc38.dll is not required before)

any help?

yidabu <yidabu.spam at gmail.com>

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