DWT2 getting started problems

Kristoffer khjelvi at adsl.no
Fri May 8 13:24:29 PDT 2009

I need some help on getting started with dwt2 on windows.

I have the DMD/Tango bundle from Tango and have installed the Ruby one 
click installer to use rake.

1. Do I need to install the "dwt-win-importlibs.zip" for DWT2?

2. What about the "-L+tango-user-dmd.lib" in sc.ini under DFLAGS?

3. Can I use DSSS to build apps or is rake the only one supported?

4. Do I need a rake file to make a program?

5. I have successfully built "rake base swt", but "rake all" fails in 
the "org.eclipse.text" module.

module java.util.Date is used as a type

Error: new can only create structs, dynamic arrays or class objects, not 

function com.ibm.icu.text.DateFormat.DateFormat.format (Date) does not 
match parameter types (void*)

org\eclipse\jface\text\templates\GlobalTemplateVariables.d(172): Error: 
cannot implicitly convert expression (new void) of type void* to 

6. The "rake swtsnippets" gives the following warning on all the snippets:

  Warning 2: File Not Found org.eclipse.swt.win32.win32.x86

7. Building snippet [Snippet130a] gives following error:

Error: java.lang.Thread.Thread at C:\dwt2\imp\java\lang\Thread.di(14) 
conflicts with tango.core.Thread.Thread at 

constructor java.lang.Thread.Thread.this () does not match parameter 
types (int delegate())

Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (__dgliteral1) of type int 
delegate() to char[]

Thanks for any help!

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