DWT2 built with DSSS

Kristoffer khjelvi at adsl.no
Sat May 23 13:22:45 PDT 2009

Sam Hu skrev:
> So far I experenced with DWT2 built by rake,many problems met during the trial.say I can not compile an app which include more than one module,and can not compie an app with bsss...
> So may I ask whether there is an alternative one can build the dwt2 with DSSS just like DWT3.4.x?
> Btw,which version the latest of Tango does DWT2 support?When is it supposed to release DWT2 for phbobos2?
> Thanks a million.
> Sam

I am using Tango bundle with Tango 0.99.8 and DMD 1.041 and running windows.

On windows you need to modify:


and remove all the .lib endings from within the version(build) clause.

Then run "rake swt"

When building an app with DSSS i use the following buildflags:

-L+dwt-base -Ic:\dwt2\imp -Jc:\dwt2\res -Sc:\dwt2\lib -full -gui

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