DWT2 built with DSSS

Kristoffer khjelvi at adsl.no
Mon May 25 10:17:02 PDT 2009

Sam Hu skrev:
> To Kristoffer:
> I tried and the dwt2 is compiled successfully,but the same problem that can not compile app with DSSS ,nor can compile an app which include more than one module.
> Is is possible to pass me a copy of your compiled sets?I am as cuirous as depressed what' the problem there.
> Thanks a million.
> Regards,
> Sam

This is my whole install process:

(Using the Tango bundle mentioned in my earlier post)

My "C:\dmd\bin\sc.ini" has the following:

DFLAGS="-I%@P%\..\import" -version=Tango -defaultlib=tango-base-dmd 
-debuglib=tango-base-dmd-d -L+tango-user-dmd


I cloned the DWT2 repository with TortoiseHG:

Source Path: http://hg.dsource.org/projects/dwt2
Destination Path: c:\dwt2

Then I removed the .lib endings (like mentioned earlier) and did a
"rake base swt"

If you are using JFace you need "base swt equinox core jface" (haven't 
tested this)

Note: "rake" is used directly from the Ruby One-Click Installer without 
any configuration. You need to run rake from the c:\dwt2 directory since 
you get an rakefile not found error otherwise.


I am using "dsss-0.78-x86-windows.zip" and have made the following 
configurations in dsss:

changed the "profile=dmd-win" to "profile=dmd-win-tango" in 

Searched for the two occurencies of "oneatatime" and set them to "no" in 


For DWT2 you do not need to download the "dwt-win-importlibs.zip" like 
you do for DWT1 since they are part of the repository.


My Windows PATH variable includes the following:



Test your install by compiling the following source:

--- dwtWindow.d ---
module dwtWindow;

import org.eclipse.swt.all;

void main()
	Display display = new Display;
	Shell shell = new Shell(display);
	while (!shell.isDisposed) {
		if (!display.readAndDispatch) {
--- END ---

Place a dsss.conf file in the project dir:

--- dsss.conf ---
buildflags += -L+dwt-base -Ic:\dwt2\imp -Jc:\dwt2\res -Sc:\dwt2\lib 
-full -gui
--- END ---

run "dsss build" from the project dir.


This works for me. If you have any other problems it is maybe because of 
some library that is not included or errors in the source code.

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