dwt-linux with ldc successfully built

Gian Perrone gperrone at gmx.de
Thu Sep 17 14:16:53 PDT 2009

Frank Benoit schrieb:
> Thats good news. How long was the compile time? How big the executable?

real 9m16.925s
user 67m34.623s
sys 4m28.682s

That was on a dual Xeon quad core platform (= 8 cores) 2.5GHz via SSH, 
because on my laptop it was way to slow to repeat changing one code line 
and compiling again.

I remember compiling DWT 3.4-1 on my dual-core laptop with an old dmd 
version in 6 seconds.

libDO-dwt.a is just 279M (remember, w/o browser and internals.mozilla) 
and simple just 11M...

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