is dwt alive?

torhu no at spam.invalid
Mon Jul 12 11:21:02 PDT 2010

On 11.07.2010 20:30, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On 2010-07-11 19.09, torhu wrote:
>>  On 22.06.2010 14:49, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>>  On 2010-06-22 01:40, torhu wrote:
>>  I've set up my own project on Bitbucket. I've made enough changes to
>>  build my DWT app on Windows, and it's works like a charm. A lot of the
>>  Phobos code was already there, and I've added what was needed for my
>>  use. Since DWT enforces that all GUI code is run in the same thread
>>  (usually the main thread), I didn't need to add shared and __gshared
>>  that many places.
>>  I had to add a lot of casts because D2 compilers are stricter about
>>  narrowing conversions. In some places Java's char type was kept as char,
>>  and not changed into wchar. I've changed the ones I came across to
>>  wchar, to avoid truncating code points that are outside of ASCII. Some
>>  conversions between char[] and wchar had to be added.
>>  The String alias is D2 string, which works just fine.
> So this is working with D2? If that's the case then it's great news.
> I've also found two other guys who want to work on DWT2 so this is
> starting to look pretty promising. Are your fork windows only? Have you
> looked anything on the linux port? I'll try to have a look at your
> branch and see if I can merge it with the main branch.
> I'm also thinking that we may need to organize our self a bit so we
> don't work on the same things.

I've only looked at the Windows version, so if anyone else wants to work 
on the other platforms, feel free.

At the moment my fork won't compile as D1 code, but that's easy to fix. 
  I didn't take a very systematic approach to the porting, since I 
didn't know how much work it would take or how it would work out.  You 
are welcome to review my changes and make suggestions.

There were some methods that were synchronized in a couple of the java.* 
modules.  I removed synchronized from their declaration, since D2 
doesn't accept this when the methods override superclass or interface 
methods that are not synchronized.  I can't recall the details, but I 
think it looked like synchronized implies shared, meaning it changes the 
type of the method.  They are not synchronized in the Java version of 
the code, so I don't know why they were in the D code.

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