is dwt alive?

torhu no at spam.invalid
Mon Jul 12 16:20:56 PDT 2010

On 13.07.2010 00:01, Jeremy Powers wrote:
> Being one of the guys Jacob mentioned, wanted to chime in and second
> his thoughts - this is cool, we need to coordinate, etc.  I haven't
> had much time to work on this yet, but it looks like most of my
> changes parallel yours.  I started by getting (most) things to work
> with D1/Tango first, and got most of the snippets working on
> Windows... was waiting to make sure I didn't break anything for the
> Linux build before saying anything.
> Encountered the same thing with synchronized you did, but my solution
> was simply to move to a synchronized block surrounding the method
> body.  Didn't examine why things were synchronized, but according to
> what I've read D will treat a "synchronized { foo }" block like a
> block on the object, which is the same as the synchronized tag on a
> method in Java.  Didn't check the original Java code though...

We should probably check out if any part of DWT actually need those 
methods to be synchronized.  I removed synchronized because it seemed 
the cleaner solution, but yours is obviously safer.

> What are your thoughts on how we should coordinate efforts?  I'm
> mostly interested in doing D2/Phobos work, but have a setup where I
> can (relatively) easily switch between to make sure things work w/
> Tango and D2.

For me cooperation would have to be pretty loose, as I don't know how 
much more time I'll spend on this now that I've got enough ported to 
make my own app work with D2.  It's possible that a lot of what is 
needed is deciding how to solve the various issues that crop up, maybe 
more than actual editing of code.  We could just use this newsgroup for 
that, I suppose.  Or the DWT forum on if that's what people 

One issue is what to do with the snippets? Making them work with both D1 
and D2 would make a lot of them ugly.  Is that worth it, do we add a 
simple compatibility wrapper module, or what?  And what about the larger 
examples that are still missing from DWT2?

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