is dwt alive?

torhu no at spam.invalid
Mon May 24 11:59:04 PDT 2010

On 16.05.2010 22:15, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On 5/11/10 21:33, torhu wrote:
>>  On 11.05.2010 13:12, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>>  Do you have this problem on linux only? Post it here and I can have a
>>>  look.
>>  Yes, it works as expected on Windows. I've attached the files, versions
>>  both for dwt-linux and dwt2. Somehow the SetData event ends up in the
>>  wrong table widget. If you remove the second table, it works just fine.
> I forgot that I don't have access to a computer running linux and X. I
> can perhaps install it on some computer or run it through a virtual machine.

I've figured out that the CallbackData object that 
Display.cellDataProcFunc receives is the wrong one.  It's one of those 
handed to gtk by Display.addWidget, but for the first Table instead of 
the second one.

This is what happens, it's all wrong after the setItemCount call:

tor at tor-ubuntu:~/dev/test$ ./ && ./setdatabug
Display.addWidget(b6d13d00) handle = 9b86048 index = 5
Display.addWidget(b6d13d00) handle = 9aa6a00 index = 6
Display.addWidget(b6d13d00) handle = 9a7a360 index = 7
Display.addWidget(b6d13d00) handle = 9b81800 index = 8
Left table address: b6d13d00
Display.addWidget(b6d13c00) handle = 9b86218 index = 13
Display.addWidget(b6d13c00) handle = 9aa68e0 index = 14
Display.addWidget(b6d13c00) handle = 9a7a4c8 index = 15
Display.addWidget(b6d13c00) handle = 9a93ce0 index = 16
Right table address: b6d13c00
setItemCount(5) for b6d13d00
Display.cellDataProcFunc with data pointer 9b86218   <-- WRONG HANDLE
Display.cellDataProc for widget b6d13c00
cellDataProc for b6d13c00
Table.checkData sending SetData event for b6d13c00
BAD: right table's SetData listener called

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