DWT2 now looks working on Windows (except Text widget doesn't support UTF-8)

Denis Shelomovskij verylonglogin.reg at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 13:02:15 PDT 2011

About month ago I fixed some DWT2 bugs, but DWT maintainers just have no 
time to pull changes to the main repo. Changes are in my (denis_sh) 
commits descriptions:

Short changes description:
1. DWT2 now works on Linux32 with Phobos/D2 as bad as with Tango/D1 (not 
worse): lots of segfaults when printing and text editing and other bugs.
2. It looks working stable on Windows except Text widget sill doesn't 
support UTF-8 (yes, StyledText and it's friend now support it).
3. It now have compilable and right snippets.

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