DWT2 now looks working on Windows (except Text widget doesn't support UTF-8)

torhu no at spam.invalid
Fri Aug 5 09:10:08 PDT 2011

On 05.08.2011 14:00, Denis Shelomovskij wrote:
>> Actually, that is completely false. Git and HG were released within
>> a month of eachother, have very similar feature sets, and didn't
>> really influence eachother during development. Github is
>> exclusively for Git, and Bitbucket is exclusively for Mercurial
>> because you can't really mix them at all. It's a matter of taste,
>> not a matter of "fixed issues." They're different programs built at
>> the same time to accomplish the same goals.
> I don't use SCM often. IMHO, SCM should just work. HG is simplier
> than Git (not only IMHO). So, it's a Git issue (for me) not to be as
> simple as HG.

Another thing in Mercurial's favor is that it's not made and maintained
by people who couldn't care less about Windows.

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