Would GIT submodules be a good idea?

torhu no at spam.invalid
Wed Aug 17 02:46:23 PDT 2011

On 16.08.2011 18:46, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On 2011-08-16 16:30, Jesse Phillips wrote:
>>  It is almost like that. It's just that the cloning also requires the
>>  initialization and cloning of the submodules. You'll have to keep them in
>>  sync and I've never submoduled a project that had submodules it self.
> Yeah, I've read that now.
>>  I'm not user if there is much point in separating them if you can use dwt-
>>  linux or win in something else. But jface could be its own repository as
>>  that isn't required to used DWT at all. And making that a submodule is
>>  fine.
> Not all top level directories need to be submodules, that was just a
> thought. I could include everything to make it possible to build DWT in
> one repository (the super repository) and have everything else in
> submodules.

What problem is splitting things into submodules supposed to solve?  The 
current Mercurial repository with everything in it is just 50 MB.  I 
suppose Git repositories take up more space, but assume that's not why 
you want to split things up?

If submodules are meant for the same use cases as SVN externals, they 
are primarily for automatically pulling in stuff that is separate 
because it is actually a separate project, probably maintained by 
someone else, or maybe just hosted elsewhere for some reason.  Not for 
splitting a project into parts.  Which is why I'm wondering what exactly 
you want to achieve here.

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