Would GIT submodules be a good idea?

torhu no at spam.invalid
Wed Aug 17 09:58:10 PDT 2011

On 17.08.2011 18:42, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
> On 2011-08-17 11:46, torhu wrote:
>>  On 16.08.2011 18:46, Jacob Carlborg wrote:
>>>  On 2011-08-16 16:30, Jesse Phillips wrote:
>>>>  It is almost like that. It's just that the cloning also requires the
>>>>  initialization and cloning of the submodules. You'll have to keep
>>>>  them in
>>>>  sync and I've never submoduled a project that had submodules it self.
>>>  Yeah, I've read that now.
>>>>  I'm not user if there is much point in separating them if you can use
>>>>  dwt-
>>>>  linux or win in something else. But jface could be its own repository as
>>>>  that isn't required to used DWT at all. And making that a submodule is
>>>>  fine.
>>>  Not all top level directories need to be submodules, that was just a
>>>  thought. I could include everything to make it possible to build DWT in
>>>  one repository (the super repository) and have everything else in
>>>  submodules.
>>  What problem is splitting things into submodules supposed to solve? The
>>  current Mercurial repository with everything in it is just 50 MB. I
>>  suppose Git repositories take up more space, but assume that's not why
>>  you want to split things up?
>>  If submodules are meant for the same use cases as SVN externals, they
>>  are primarily for automatically pulling in stuff that is separate
>>  because it is actually a separate project, probably maintained by
>>  someone else, or maybe just hosted elsewhere for some reason. Not for
>>  splitting a project into parts. Which is why I'm wondering what exactly
>>  you want to achieve here.
> In addition to what Jesse Phillips replied to your post I think that
> these projects actually should be separate repositories. Another reason
> is that currently I have only interest in DWT and JFace. I see no reason
> to have the other projects in the same repository.

Okay, I think I get the picture now.  Sounds like a good plan, then.

Would DWT become a single repository with all platform implementations 
and snippets in it, that has the base Java library as a submodule?  Or 
would it be dwt-win, dwt-linux, dwt-snippets, etc.?  The former sounds 
simpler, but the latter could make it possible to get rid of the extra 
directory levels that DWT2 uses currently.

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