The new build script written in D

kntroh knt.roh at
Fri Aug 31 21:47:40 PDT 2012

== Quote from Jacob Carlborg (doob at's article
> On 2012-08-31 16:35, kntroh wrote:
> > I regret that it can't help.
> What about a virtual machine?
It is possible to specify the Windows as guest OS in MacOS.
But, seems it can't reversal. There is a problem on an user agreement of MacOS.
We can't install MacOS to non-Macintosh machine.

> > I recovered D1 section and rakefile.
> > Will send pull request later.
> Thanks. I merged it now.
> In general I see no point breaking the D1 support on purpose. So this is
> the plan I have:
> I'm going to finish the port in the current (local) repository I have.
> This is still only D1. Then I'm going to integrate it with the
> repositories we have at github. After that is working (still only D1)
> I'm going to port it to D2. At this stage we can drop the support for
> D1. We can just put it in a new branch and leave it there.
> Again, thanks for your contributions.
I understand.
I'm very grateful to your work.

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