DWT in Google Summer of Code?

Jesse Phillips Jessekphillips+D at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 09:13:01 PST 2012

On Saturday, 3 March 2012 at 21:12:19 UTC, Sandeep Datta wrote:
>> I thing a stable GUI library is very important for D.
> +1 to that. But I think using using SWT as inspiration for a 
> GUI library may not be the best possible choice. I would like 
> to see an API which uses D well. Small things like using 
> properties instead of getters and setters come to the mind 
> first. I haven't looked at the DWT source code but I suspect it 
> may suffer from some of the same short comings as SWT.

At this time we shouldn't be creating a GUI from the ground up,
they do exist (DFL, DUI?). It is however beneficial to have
access to a GUI API available in other languages, SWT, GTK, Qt,

Now many of these are reaching a state I suppose is considered
complete (with exception to be not supporting the latest).
Possibly selecting one to build a nice D API on top of would be

As for SWT, I don't know what you mean by short comings. All GUI
toolkits have them, but maybe you mean the API is not D like.
Personally the experience I have had with SWT (older DWT) has
impressed me. I really enjoyed the design behind it, my favorite
so for for toolkits I've used. And it seems JFace is the higher
level API, which is great, but I kind of feel that would be a
great place to build a D like API over DWT (but having the same
JFace API is good for current SWT users).

D needs a GUI that is pretty easy to use and really easy to set
up. Then we can move to a nice D layer, then once D has gotten a
true market it will get native implementations and APIs. And also
getting a more complete Entice Designer will also be needed to
really hit that larger market.

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