Unexpected OPTLINK Termination while building dwt helloworld

Kapps opantm2+spam at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 14:46:13 PDT 2012

On Wednesday, 31 October 2012 at 10:42:05 UTC, Zhenya wrote:
> Hi!
> As usual, I have everything not as it should :)
> I have built dwt.After that I have created MS VS solution,in 
> which I have configured paths.And when I was trying to build 
> helloworld,I received messagebox
> with this stuff:Unexpected OPTLINK Termination at EIP = 00428DA3
> Tell me please,what should I do to fix it?


An astoundingly annoying bug, but I've never found any 
alternative besides randomly changing things and hoping that 
Optlink accepts it. It's probably the most annoying bug I've ever 
found while using DMD simply because there's no easy workaround 
and it only seems to manifest itself in large applications. 
Luckily, not an issue on Linux or with GDC.

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