How to build program with DWT2 and DMD2?

Druzhinin Alexandr news at
Wed Aug 7 11:55:52 PDT 2013

On 08.08.2013 00:03, JohnnyK wrote:>
 > It looks to be unable to find the static libs now.  How do people use
 > this library?  Do they work in the dwt folder and just use that build.d
 > file to compile with?  Again I would like to know the layout of a
 > typical programmers workstation that uses DWT for the GUI parts of their
 > application?  Is anyone using DWT today?
 > I appreciate all your help Jacob but I didn't think it would be this
 > hard or take this long just to build and compile a program that just
 > shows a window.  Has anyone ever tried to install D and DWT on a virgin
 > machine then start a clean project to build a simple application like
 > this before?  Maybe there is something I need to add to my PATH
 > environment variable or something like that which would make this
 > easier?  The command line is longer than the code I am trying to compile
 > at this point.

DWT works fine for me at least.
Try the following:
cd /path/to/dwt
dmd build.d

build base

del .\imp\java\lang\util.di

copy  .\base\src\java\lang\util.d .\imp\java\lang\

build swt

del .\imp\org\eclipse\swt\internal\Library.di


then build your app using (win32):


may be you'll need to fix the paths I wrote - I think it won't be hard

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