Compiling the hello world example fails

chmike christophe at
Fri Aug 23 08:11:29 PDT 2013

I installed dmd and dwt on my linux 13.04 PC. I also installed 
all the dependencies. I successfully compiled dwt. But compiling 
the main.d fails with an ld error.

I created the main.d file inside the dwt clone directory so that 
the command I execute from with the dwt directory is

dmd main.d -I./imp -J./org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86/res 
-L-L./lib -L-lorg.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86 -L-ldwt-base

This is the error I get which means the libraries can't be found:

/usr/bin/ld: ne peut trouver -lorg.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86
/usr/bin/ld: ne peut trouver -ldwt-base
collect2: erreur: ld a retourné 1 code d'état d'exécution
--- errorlevel 1

But I checked, there are a dwt-base.a and 
org.eclipse.swt.gtk.linux.x86.a file in ./lib. They are just 
archives and not lib files. Could this be the problem ?

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