Jacob Carlborg doob at
Mon Dec 9 23:23:37 PST 2013

On 2013-12-07 02:57, Jay Norwood wrote:

> I don't know the history of the properties view, but the eclipse
> modeling framework enables generation of swt gui model editors
> that interact both with the properties view and the outline view.
> There is a project called EEF which creates several enhanced
> property page widgets that enhance navigation and setting of
> model properties in the emf model editors... things like check
> boxes for boolean properties or radio buttons for selection of
> enum properties.
> The current generation of eclipse integrates emf models with the
> design and persistence of the gui, so it might be worth looking
> at what they are trying to do and why.  It appears to me they are
> trying to concentrate on manipulating the model rather than the
> gui api directly.   Does that interest you as a direction for the
> use of DWT?

I'm not sure I understand what EEF is or how it works.

/Jacob Carlborg

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