Info for using DWT on Win 7 with dmd 2.061 and phobos

Oleg Kuporosov Oleg.Kuporosov at
Thu Feb 7 22:31:44 PST 2013

On Thursday, 7 February 2013 at 23:38:50 UTC, deed wrote:
> After a brief test of DWT, I found out I was using a version 
> that seemed to depend on Tango. Then I found this site u, which 
> seems to host the latest updates. Some questions:
> - Is there a version only using phobos?

Hmm, no, as README stated there both for D2/Phobos and D1/Tango.
I haven't used D1/Tango version, so can't say any on it.

> - 64 bit?

I hope it is still 32 only.

> - Build tools?

For D2/Phobos it is using build.d there as per README

> $ dmd main.d -IC:/swt/src -IC:/swt/base -JC:/swt/res
> ->
> main.obj(main)
>  Error 42: Symbol Undefined 
> _D3org7eclipse3swt7widgets5Shell12__ModuleInfoZ
> and similarly for Display and Shell.

Probably you have compile bugs for there modules and linker
couldn't find .obj files. Save log from build and look into 
I didn't have such issues under Win32 a couple of month ago.


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